Here are 10 ideas for you to practically love your friends, families, and neighbors while we are sheltering in place. Be sure to follow the recommended and mandated guidelines from your community leaders.


SHARE what you have.

Reach out to family, friends, and your small group to see who needs something.

CREATE a care package for an elderly or home-bound person.

Take soup, books, crosswords, tea, chocolate, or anything you think someone would enjoy.

DO an outside chore for someone.

Mow the lawn, wash the car, walk the dog, etc.


Brave the store for those who shouldn’t leave home.

DONATE blood.

DONATE $$ to the Food Bank.

HELP single parents.

Consider shopping for them or watching their kids while they shop.

WRITE encouraging cards or letters.

Send a note to someone (an elderly person in your life, a single mom, a sick friend, etc.).

PLAY games with your family and kids.

Use the time to connect with one another in new ways.

CREATE new recipes and cook meals together.


POST stories of people doing these things.

We can reach so many if we all share how God is good, even in our difficulties.