Connecting Anytime

Here’s a question to ponder for today:

What are you learning?

As you are sheltering in place – whatever that looks like for you – what are you learning about yourself, about others in your home, about the world, about God?

Perhaps today you can take some time to sit outside and ponder this. Then, take the intentional step of sharing your thoughts with someone. Ask them the same questions and listen well to their answers. Finally, spend time in prayer. Talk it over with God, just like you did with that other person. Tell him what you’re seeing in yourself and those around you. Ask him what else he has to teach you in this season. And listen well to his answer.

Changing our routines and schedules can be stressful and disconcerting, but reaching out and reaching up is a sure way to keep us grounded and settled. Please know that you’re on our minds and in our hearts today, and we are reaching out to you and reaching up to the Father for you!

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