A fun & engaging discipleship tool for families with Preschoolers through 2nd graders


How it works:

Craft of Faith sends a box each month with 4 age-appropriate crafts pointing to God’s truths. Parents also receive a craft guide which helps connect the craft project to the Bible.

All the thinking, shopping, and prep work has been done already – you just provide the time and enthusiasm (and maybe some scissors & glue too)! The crafts are easy to put together and fun for kids.

How to get started:

  • Order your Craft of Faith boxes using the coupon code “NORTHPOINTE” to receive a $5 discount
  • Craft of Faith sends your boxes to the church each month
  • Pick up your Craft of Faith box at NorthPointe the first Sunday of each month in the 1st-6th Building
  • Open your Craft of Faith box with your kids and create, build, play, and learn to experience God’s Word together


Order by April 27 to pick up your May craft box, available for pickup on May 5.

Don’t forget: Use the coupon code “NORTHPOINTE”



How much does it cost?
  • The cost is $19.95 per month for one box, plus shipping & handling. The box includes four creative crafts made from quality materials. A discount is also available if you have additional children and want each child to have their own craft. Or, you may choose to get one box and do the crafts together as a family.
  • Upon check out, be sure to use this discount code “NORTHPOINTE” to receive a $5 discount.
Why a monthly subscription?
  • You’re asked to subscribe monthly so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of missing the order deadline.
What if I need to cancel?
  • Not a problem! You can cancel hassle free anytime by going into your account page.
When and where will I get the boxes?
  • The boxes will be sent to NorthPointe and will be available to pick up on the first Sunday of each month in Building G.
Where do the craft boxes come from?
  • We’re partnering with a great organization called The Craft of Faith, because on our own, we would not be able to provide you with the level of quality crafts they create. You can learn lots more about the heart and mission of The Craft of Faith.
Why a Discipleship program for young kids?
  • From birth, our kids are learning from us each moment of the day. The things we choose to talk about, the way we interact with them, the time we choose to spend with them, all teach kids about our faith. What better way to share Jesus with them than to give our time helping them with a fun a project and sharing a great Bible story?
How do the crafts connect with the Bible?
  • The Craft of Faith takes children on a chronological journey through the Bible. An informational guide will be provided to help parents talk with kids as you work on the craft projects together. It’ll be simple and easy to follow so you’ll feel fully equipped.
  • If you have questions about each month’s project or Bible Story, we’re always here to come along side you. So, don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help. You can contact anyone on our team, but if you’d like to talk with Pastor Travis, feel free to contact him at travispatzkowsky@northpointe.org.