Owner vs. Manager

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.” Psalm 24:1

Bill Gates is a pauper compared to God.  $81 billion is nothing compared to the net worth of the God who created and owns it all. The money we call “ours” is not really ours. It’s all His! God has generously given us some to manage, but it is still His. We are not the owners, we are just managers. Don’t believe me…where did your money come from?

If you say “from my hard work”, who gave you the ability to work hard? All it takes is a loss of health for us to realize how dependent we really are.  Everything we have is a gift from the owner and it will not last forever. Being a money manager for God is a great gift and a great responsibility.  As His managers, we shouldn’t use His money however we please. Instead, He has given us some to save, some to spend and some to give.

Do you consider this in the way you manage the money God has given you?  We spend a lot of time and energy asking questions like: how will I retire? Which car should I buy? Can I afford this bill?  But when was the last time you asked the most important financial question:  What does God desire?

See, if God owns it all and we are His managers, we must aim to invest His money in things He cares about: things that touch His heart, things that advance His purposes, things that have eternal impact.  When we invest His resources in this way, God proudly blesses it. That’s why I’m so excited about Say Yes.  God desires for the next generation to know Him (Psalm 145:4).  As managers for God, the next generation is clearly worth investing in.

Questions & Applications

Are you managing God’s resources in a way that pleases Him? Are you investing in things that are close to the heart of God?  What adjustments do you need to make?


Lord, help us to remember that everything we have is yours.  Help us manage our resources in faith and wisdom, seeking to invest in the things that honor you. Amen.