Protecting God’s Place

“Jesus answered, ‘It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4

God’s love is so evident in our lives and His “daily bread” is an awesome example of the love Jesus offers us each and everyday, whether we seek Him or not. I believe whole-heartedly that when we start to truly digest God’s Word we can be sustained and fulfilled on His promises alone. Too many times we get caught up in how the world is telling us to live, instead of discovering how God wants us to live. Too many times we have sinned with our thoughts, which in turn can lead to actions. Too many times we try to justify sinful actions by comparing ourselves to others or to the ways of this world.

I never thought that who I was around could really affect my walk with Christ…

Playing soccer throughout my life and being raised in Church, I have always had my Christian friends and my non-Christian friends. I never thought that who I was around could really affect my walk with Christ. As a Christian I’m called to be a light, but playing soccer in college I was surrounded by teammates who weren’t following God. And, no matter how strong I thought my faith was, I wasn’t reading my Bible or spending time with God in prayer, I was hanging out with them.

I had taken my friends, and allowed them to take the place that belonged to God. Through those beginning years of college I learned that even well-meaning friends can lead you astray if you put them in the place that God is intended to be. This verse is a true reminder of God’s love for us and living a life for Him is so much more rewarding when we trust His ways instead of the world’s.

Questions & Applications

Are you in God’s Word daily? What boundaries can you set up to protect daily time with God? Are you “being a light” to others or are you being pulled away little by little? What needs to change in your life to protect your faith & relationship with Jesus?


Lord, Thank you for giving us Your word as our daily provision. Help us to rely on You fully and seek You daily. Amen.