Be The Bridge

Date & Time

6:30 —


The Lounge at NorthPointe Church

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The journey toward ethnic unity is not an easy process.

It takes courage to move toward what is uncomfortable and unnatural. Many of us look around and see racial/ethnic divides. Things feel stuck, and we want to do something. We have read the Scriptures and prayed for unity. But how do we, the body of Christ, actually become one? How can the words in John 17 come alive in each of us and in our communities? How does unity begin to permeate our entire being? How do we become light in a dark world full of division? How do we become a witness and a voice for ethnic unity?

The purpose of this evening is to help us get unstuck. It’s designed to help create conversations that have the potential to heal racial/ethnic divides. Join us in our collective journey toward reconciliation!

Both men and women are welcome. Invite your friends and sign up here!