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Church On The Lawn

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NorthPointe Community Church

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Live And In Person!

New outdoor worship services are starting at NorthPointe on Sunday mornings! If you’re craving connection with God and others like we are, then this is awesome news.

Church On The Lawn

9 Things To Know About Church On The Lawn:

• We’re planning services every week through September.

• Chairs will be set up & spaced out over the entire lawn/patio area in groups of 2-5 (socially distanced for safety).

• Frozen water bottles will be available so you can keep cool & hydrated.

• Masks are required.

• You’ll be greeted with a “Hello!” from one of our volunteers (wearing gloves) handing out printed message notes & song lyrics.

• Notes & lyrics will also be available online, and by QR code… Yes, you can use your phones/pads during church!

• This service will run 1 hour.

• This service is in addition to online streaming service times.

• This is a family service, NP Kids won’t be open.