Discipleship Bible School (DBS)

Date & Time

Sundays until June 27, 2021

6:00 —


NorthPointe Community Church

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We are ready to begin another journey into the depths of the Old Testament. Sign up for a deeper understanding of the threads that intertwine the Old Testament to the new. Ages 16 – 28 only. Register today!


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We believe that through the Bible we see God’s redemptive story, His trustworthy character, and His purpose for our lives. So, it’s our goal to equip you with the tools, community, and strategy to engage “the book”. Discipleship Bible School is a 12-week course (for ages 16 to 28) centered on helping you develop tools to understand the Bible cover-to-cover and grow in your passion for God’s word. Above all, this is an education for the whole person – your heart, mind, soul and body will all be engaged in what we do together.

The DBS Objectives:

  • Bringing you closer in intimacy with God as you see Him revealed in His Living Word.
  • Teaching you the inductive method so you learn how to study the Bible for yourself so that you don’t have to rely on opinions of others about what it says.
  • Helping you become better readers of each book in the Bible understanding the original context it was written in (authorship, recipient, historical background, reason why it was written, etc.).
  • Deepening your understanding of the major discipleship issues expressed in the messages and themes found in the Bible.
  • Providing you an overview so you know how each book fits in ‘God’s Story’ in the Bible.
  • Training you to see our world and culture through a Biblical worldview.
  • Challenging & stretching you so that you develop habits of perseverance and discipline that lead to strong character.
  • Building up your time management skills and opportunities to work in groups that you can use in any walk of life.
  • Passing on to you the skill of leading a Bible study small group.
  • Sharing practical ways you can love others in your small group who are different from you.
  • Seeing God’s Story throughout the Bible and enabling you to teach this to others.
  • Graduating the school more in love with God and His Word and having a strong desire to press on in your life to know Him better and to make Him known to others.