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Living Undivided

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Student Ministries Building at NorthPointe Church

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In pursuit of racial solidarity.

Living Undivided
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What if instead of the topic of race only creating intensely heated or shamefully hushed conversations, there was an environment where those conversations could be doused in grace and become catalysts for the kind of growth that bridges racial divides?

Living UNDIVIDED is the manifestation of that hope.


The primary activity of Living UNDIVIDED is a six-week multi-racial experiential journey in pursuit of racial solidarity. Each week includes faith grounding, teaching, small group conversations, activities, and assignments that engage multiple learning styles. The journey fosters belonging, hope, and deep community engagement, inspiring participants to be active change-agents within their communities.

Racism Is A Disrespect To God's Plan

There will be some pre-work that you will receive about one week before the start of the cohort to be completed before your first meeting.

If you are participating as a couple in the cohort, each of you must register individually with a unique email address (in other words, the same email address cannot be used for both participants).

$10 | Covers materials and hosting (to be paid at the first meeting)


If you have any questions contact Mike Navarro at (559) 276-2300 or mikenavarro@northpointe.org