Pastor Shane Ham, Kim Vass and Pastor Kyle Williams : Christmas At Home

Christmas At Home · 30:02 · Recorded December 23, 2022

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Enjoy this special online experience with Pastor Shane and the NorthPointe Music Team.

The night that Jesus was born in Bethlehem was a quiet night. It was also a night that many people made decisions that we hear about. King Herod, Shepherds, even Mary & Joseph and in the midst of all the chaos many of them missed the point. They missed the arrival of our redemption.

Born in a manger, in a tiny town, a King, not on a throne, but in a feeding trough. Not surrounded by royalty, but animals and lowly shepherds and a young girl and her new husband.

The story is so much more than just a birth of a child, it’s the birth of grace and a perfect life that was lived and given for every single person in this world.