A Thank You to Moms!

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25

When I think of moms, one of the first words that come to mind is strength. Moms to boys are familiar with noise, trains, lizards, worms, water balloons, sports, Legos, and boy dirt. Moms to girls are familiar with sparkles, dolls, teddy bears, pink, princesses, giggly friends, and drama. All this AND they feed cheerios to Batman, clean up spills, make lunches, go to doctor appointments, help with homework, and clean the house. Its no wonder Proverbs says she is clothed with strength!!

Motherhood is often a thankless job and while moms know their kids love them, they don’t often feel appreciated for the immensity of services they provide. Every hour. Of every single day. And, husbands, though not intentional, we often times get busy with life and pressures we have that these things go unnoticed. I have the feeling that moms know, deep down, that everyone is thankful for what they do, but sometimes they just need to hear it!

So, moms out there…I want to say thank you!! Thank you for the strength and love and endurance that you have every day. Thank you for laughing at things when we as men get stressed out. Thank you for caring for things that we overlook and not getting discouraged even though you are often overwhelmed. Thank you for being MOMS!!!

Also, to the moms out there…I want you to settle down for a bit and hear the quiet whisper of Jesus. If He were to say anything, I believe it would sound like this, “Good job Mama, I see you. I see how you love. I see how you care. And you, my dear child, are never alone. I am with you so don’t feel like you are on this journey by yourself. I am proud of you. Your life is a treasure.”


Happy Mothers Day, Moms!!! We can’t say thanks enough!!