Road Construction…

…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
– Philippians 1:6

Earlier this week I was traveling down Herndon Avenue and loving it! Why, you ask. It wasn’t the incredible views or the anticipation of the appointment I was heading to. No, I was celebrating a totally smooth, sleek, shiny-black…road! There wasn’t a single pothole or construction cone (at least until I got back to Marks). Any other weirdos like me out there that LOVE smooth roads?

It got me thinking. Herndon Avenue construction is far from over, but, for so long I’ve been taking alternate routes to get to where I’ve needed to go (way over on the northeast part of town). Those “better routes” just meant that there were more cars at a standstill (at times) in one or two lanes instead of two or three lanes. You could say that it’s kinda disrupted some ingrained patterns and the ways that people have typically done things.

This is so much like our God. When we submit our lives to Him, the construction begins! There are times when we are completely upended and God begins his overhaul of a particular area, changing all of our patterns and ways of doing things. Now, if we’ll admit it, we would see that those areas weren’t very effective, but of course, they were familiar to us. In His kindness, though, God had a smoother way in mind. He always has a better road plan for us. So, even while the inconvenience and pain is no fun, what a difference it makes in the long run. I’d say the construction is well worth it!

If you’re going through construction in your life today, be patient. God has a smoother, better plan and while it may take a while to get there (and sometimes some inconveniences), in the long run, His road map is so much better. And, hey, don’t get so frustrated when you see those orange vests and cones on the road today. A smoother, better road is coming!