Our desire at NP Kids is to come alongside families anyway we can to provide resources that will be beneficial to you and your family. Below you’ll find a few helpful resources and Spiritual growth tools to get you and your kids through this challenging season we’re in. Use whatever might be most helpful for you and your family.

Managing Technology With/For Your Family

Today’s children and teenagers do not know what life is like without the influence of technology. We now have access to information, games, entertainment, and so much more in a device we can hold in our hands. So, how do you best manage the influence this technology has on your family? You make managing the availability of, and influence of technology a family affair.
According to the website apa.org, the American Academy of Pediatrics has established recommendations for children’s media use. The current recommendations advise:

  • For children under 18 months, avoid screen-based media except video chatting.
  • For children 18 months to 24 months, parents should choose high-quality programming and watch with their children.
  • For children 2 to 5, limit screen time to one hour per day of high-quality programming.
  • For children 6 and up, establish consistent limits on the time spent using media and the types of media.


However, setting time limits alone will is simply not enough to keep kids safe. The content of what kids are viewing must also be regulated.
Let’s face it: As parents, we’re in way over our heads when it comes to technology and how to help our kids navigate it in a healthy way. Heck, we’re all trying to learn how to set some personal boundaries with technology for ourselves — how many nights this week did you spend aimlessly scrolling instead of getting to bed on time?

Learn more | Watch this video on How To Navigate Healthy Online Engagement with Co-Founder of Circle, Jelani Memory.

For some of us, the idea of giving our kids a cell phone seems a ways off, but the time is coming faster than you think. These days, kids are getting phones earlier and earlier, and with busy school and extracurricular schedules, sometimes a cell phone seems to be the only way parents can keep everything together.

Learn more | Listen to this podcast on When Is The Right Time To Give My Kid A Cell Phone with Tom Shefchunas.

With the world at our kids’ fingertips through the use of smartphones and other internet-based devices, sometimes, it feels like our hands are tied when it comes to protecting our kids from the dangers of the internet. So how do we protect our kids from the dangers that lurk online?

Learn more | Listen to this podcast on Navigating The Dangers Of Online Connection with Titania Jordan.

This all sounds great, but how do we even get started managing something this big? We are glad you asked…

Learn more | Read this blog on 4 Strategies For Managing Screen Time (That Will Make Everyone Happy!) by Jenn at Purpose Filled Mom.

Other Resources

There are many resources available to families who desire to use and allow the use of technology in a safe and God-honoring way. There are many technology contracts you can find online; too many for us to make a specific recommendation, and the moist effective one for your family will depend on the age of your children and teenagers.

For further information, you can turn to places like Focus On The Family, or Saddleback Parents | Two Minute Tips which cover a huge range of topics, many far beyond the scope of technology.


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