Helping you build a healthy marriage,
beyond “I Do” for all of life.

At NorthPointe we celebrate marriage as a vital part of our community and are committed to strengthening and supporting marriages. It’s our desire to encourage couples toward a deeper understanding of God’s plan for marriage, while guiding them away from unhealthy habits which can cause unnecessary pain.

We offer a variety of events throughout the year which are designed to inspire couples to grow closer together, and closer to God. Whether it’s our Married Couples Conference, our Marriage Retreat, our fun Game Nights, or a dessert get-together, you’ll meet other couples who want the same thing as you: to see their marriage succeed and be as God-honoring and fulfilling as He intends it to be.

Marriage Enhancement

Many couples might have what they would describe as a fair or even good marriage but feel “stuck” in their relationship. At the end of the day both spouses are exhausted and either fall asleep watching TV or fall into bed only to awake to start their routine all over the next day. Marital growth seems like a distant dream. Why just survive when you could be thriving in your marriage? We want every married couple to thrive together, so we have trained coaching couples ready to come alongside couples who are struggling or want a marital “tune-up.”

Stepfamily Couples

Stepfamilies don’t have a family tree – they have a family forest!
When a couple remarries, entering into the stepfamily forest, there can be a lot of confusion about in those relationships. Children often become the main focus and parenting styles can collide, potentially making it feel overwhelming. Marriage is a commitment to one another, and to each other’s families, for better and worse. You’ll meet with experienced couples who will challenge you to read, discuss, and put in place key principles to help you in your transition.

Premarital Couples

Weddings are for a day; marriage is for a lifetime!
Marriage is perhaps the most complex human relationship. The process of joining two people in relationship for life takes work! Too often couples aren’t equipped to deal with the challenges they face in marriage. Couples married by our NorthPointe pastoral staff are required to receive premarital counseling. We want your marriage to last a lifetime, so we have trained couples ready to walk with couples through engagement into their first year of marriage.