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You’re invited to be a part of NorthPointe Bible Institute (NBI). Offered in semester form, our comprehensive curriculum includes in depth study of the Old and New Testament, Bible study methods, the Prophets, the Gospels, and lots more. If you’re interested in enhancing and deepening your knowledge of the Bible, this is a great way to do it!


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Spring 2023 registration is now OPEN!


Sundays | 9:00AM
Feb 26-May 28
Milburn Campus | Peace 5
Wednesdays | 6:30PM
Mar 1-May 24
Bullard Campus | LifeWay Chapel

Old Testament Survey
(10 hours)
An understanding of the flow of Old Testament persons, places, events, and themes in God’s story.
Practical Bible Study Tools
(2 hours)
Becoming familiar with the use of cross-reference Bibles, concordances, lexicons, and word study resources, commentaries, Bible software resources, and more.



Sundays | 9:00AM
Feb 26-May 28
Milburn Campus | Peace 2

A Theology Of Scripture
(4 hours)
The views of the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, how the Bible was formed as we have it today, how to assess the ideas of modern Biblical scholarship.
Critical Bible Study Methods
(8 hours)
Understanding the “Four Pillars” of serious Bible study, as well as the various methods of “inductive” Bible study is the goal of this class. It will utilize the apostle Peter’s story found in the Gospels, as well as his epistle, 1 Peter, as a means of learning these methods.


Must have completed both 101 & 102 courses to enroll in 201



Sundays | 11:00AM
Feb 26-May 28
Milburn Campus | PEACE 5

How To Interpret The Bible (8 hours)

Learning the basic rules of scripture interpretation involved in “Hermeneutics,” to properly interpret and apply the Bible to life.

The Pentateuch (4 hours)

A special look at Moses, the Law giver, and the teachings found in the first five books of the Bible attributed to him. Special focus on understanding the Laws, worship regulations, festivals, and the Tabernacle/Temple of the Jews.

Must complete both 101 & 102 courses to enroll in 202 course.



Sundays | 1:30PM
Feb 26-May 28
Milburn Campus | PEACE 5

The Kings of Judah & Israel
(4 hours)
An overview of the lineage of the Kings of the divided Jewish nation, with a special focus on the “bright lights” found there.
Old Testament Prophets
(8 hours)
Understanding the critical role of prophets in the Bible, both writing, and non-writing prophets, and an overview of the prophetic books that make up a quarter of the Old Testament.


Must have completed 101, 102 & 201 courses to enroll in 401



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