Life is better together.


Your life isn’t meant to be lived alone. At NorthPointe, being a part of a group is how a crowd becomes a tightly knit community. It’s how we grow in our relationship with God, with others, and ourselves. Every week, hundreds of people like you are meeting up in groups to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, exercise, serve, and enjoy life. Come be a part of something bigger.


Small Group Starting Pointe

Small groups are a vital part of belonging at NorthPointe. They are the place where you get to know others in a more personal way! Starting Pointe is a place for those who aren’t currently in a small group to get connected and join one! Groups kick off on October 12 in the Worship Center.



This is your Starting Pointe


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Start A Group

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What can I expect at a group?

Groups are all about people taking next steps together. Some of our groups meet every week, some every other week. At each meet up you’ll have a leader that facilitates activities, conversation/discussion, and opportunities for you to grow in your faith. The goal for every group meeting is to identify your next step and encourage each other in taking those steps.


Is childcare provided?

Every group is different. Some groups look to include children in part or all of the meeting, while other groups prefer to not have children at their meetings. Some groups rotate the care of the children between group members while others hire a sitter.


When and where do groups meet?

Groups meet in homes, businesses, parks, coffee shops, and right here on NorthPointe’s campus. Every group chooses a different time to meet, so if a certain day of the week works better for you make sure to include that information when you sign up.


How long do groups last?

Every group is different, most groups go through a study for 6-8 weeks. Some groups are ongoing and stay together for longer periods of time. New groups are starting all the time so be sure and check back here regularly.