Orphans. Vulnerable Kids. Children in need. All around the world and right here in our backyard, there are children struggling in broken and desperate families. God has opened a door for us to join their journey in two specific locations: Kilgoris, Kenya and Kolkata, India.


How do I join their journey?

Our local church partners have made it their mission to care for these children—to stand with their families so that loneliness and despair become things of the past. Their goal is to bring the hope of Jesus in a practical and tangible way to each of these homes. While they have already started to care, they need our help to join them in providing the financial assistance needed. We have the opportunity to join hands as brothers and sisters across the globe to support what God is doing in the lives of these individuals.

Every gift of $40 per month enables them to meet the immediate and crucial needs of one child. Your donation will be used fully and completely for the direct needs of these children.

Click ‘join today‘ to take the next steps in your journey to support a child in need around the world.



Emmanuel is the Founder of The Sirua Aulo Academy in Kenya Africa and a partner of NorthPointe. He is a passionate follower of Jesus and a community leader who frequently gathers Pastors and Leaders to champion the causes of those with no voice. As the Founder/Director of the Sirua Aulo Schools, he intentionally enrolls kids who would not otherwise have the opportunity for excellent education and Christ-centered training.


Pastor Doddy has been a community leader, pastor, and house church movement pioneer for more than a decade. As the founder and leader of NorthPointe India, he frequently ministers to children and families in need. He is passionate about leading people to experience transformation and helping the church care for the community.