Make 2020 your comeback year.

Hello. Welcome. If you’re “looking for a little light at the end of your tunnel” you’ve come to the right place. We believe things can and do change for the better…

In situations like these we need someone, or somewhere, to turn to.

We’ve put together a few talks to help get you through your own setback. Whether you’re facing discouragement, feeling low, processing a difficult situation, or rebuilding from a personal failure… we know God has better plans for you… plans to give you a future and a hope.


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Sunday, March 15

Ever been hit so hard by life it felt like the wind got knocked out of you? Life is like that sometimes… and getting hurt like that can make you want to quit. You’re not alone.

We don’t pretend life is always fantastic. We embrace not having it all together, because we’re never alone here at NorthPointe. We’ve got people in our corner encouraging us, “Get back up! It’s not over! You can do this!”. Experience what that might feel like.

Sunday, March 22

Yep. There’s no denying it now. You’ve stepped in a huge pile of it. Hiding the stink will be a lost cause. Life didn’t knock you down – this one’s all on you. You’re hurt, they’re hurt – where do you go from here? You’re not alone, everyone has made mistakes and had to live with them.

At NorthPointe we don’t avoid people who’ve messed up. We help them to their feet and get cleaned up. Experience what that might feel like.

Sunday, March 29

For crying out loud! Why does this stuff always seem to happen to me? Call it fate, bad luck, karma, Murphy’s law… bad stuff keeps coming to steal our joy. The difficulty is – we don’t have much control over these catastrophes – but the pain is all ours to bear. We can’t run from it either because it’s often right where we live.

At NorthPointe we deeply understand we’re not alone when stuff happens. We carry each other’s burdens until we’re through it. Experience what that might feel like.

Sunday, April 5

Same stuff, different day…Seems like we’re living in that Groundhog’s Day movie. What did we ever do to deserve this cloud of funk? Seems like there’s nothing to be happy about, or look forward to. We feel lousy and the people around us just bring us down. The cobwebs won’t shake off, and our problems follow us wherever we go.

Everyday at NorthPointe we realize it’s true: we can feel pretty low at times. But, we’re here for each other. We listen. We care. We hope. Experience what that might feel like.

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April 11 & 12

It’s crazy that Christians actually believe in the resurrection!
We’re supposed to believe that some guy 2,000 years ago was crucified, buried, then rose from the grave three days later?? Even if Jesus was a real person – no one comes back from that.
Why do they believe such unbelievable things?

Find out for yourself…



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Children & Students
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