The Christmas Stocking

This series of messages will look at the old and familiar Christmas icons that have become part of our beloved holiday traditions. In the olden days, every gift you received for Christmas would fit in your stocking. Can you imagine everything you get for Christmas fitting into a stocking? No X-Box, no Ninja blender, no super-duper socket wrench set? How did we get to this world of “more” that we live in today? What can we do to ensure we have the right perspective – not only of Christmas, but of Christ Himself?

Out from Under Financial Pressures

Out from Under Financial Pressures from NorthPointe Church on Vimeo.

Living in True Wealth

Living in True Wealth from NorthPointe Church on Vimeo.

The Big Three

The Big Three from NorthPointe Church on Vimeo.

Costly Sacrifice that Pays

Our giving should be modeled after Jesus, who showed us the paradox of how an incredible sacrifice could bring us life. It’s in his example that we are challenged, inspired, and emboldened.

Living that Keeps on Giving

God wants to do far more than construct buildings, he want’s to do something in us. When we realize that everything comes from God, what’s “ours” takes on a whole new meaning.