Prayer and Thanksgiving

As many of you know I’ve been home recovering from surgery since 10/2 and I’m just getting back into the swing of things. Sitting around the house trying not to do too much has been quite the challenge, but the process of recovery has opened my eyes to a few thoughts that I’d like to share with all of you. In fact, I’d like to kick-off a weekly blog moving forward. A quick thought, encouragement and challenge to spur us on to the good work God has for us (Heb 10:24). My plan is not to give you a huge reading assignment each week, but to share some thoughts with you. It will also serve as a good source of information and communication with our entire team, both production & platform.

Through It All

Our Thanksgiving Service last week was such a special time spent with our church family. As I sat there I was reminded of the warmth that’s so naturally felt at this time of year. The opportunities to spend more time with family and friends during the holiday’s. It gives us good reasons to have get-togethers or stay in comfy clothes all day and enjoy rest. The most prominent thought that I had while recovering is the concept of family and it’s something I keep coming back to. To be able to spend more time with my own family, but also to give and receive love from my church family had to be the most special of times spent at home. I can be a pretty private person at times, I think most of all because I fear judgement from others. I know it seems silly, but sharing life can sometimes feel a lot like complaining or making a big deal about nothing. But, in the times I’ve had the chance to hear about others lives and what they’ve either walked through or are currently walking in, I gain a clearer view of the larger picture for that person and best yet I’m often times given a new facet of God’s character work in and through all things. When we know the struggles under the surface we gain a visual dimension that helps us grow and trust God in new ways which is exactly what Ps 27:17 means when it says “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”.

We are NorthPointe “Community” Church for a reason. We are meant to do life in and with a community of people. We are not only God’s hands and feet, we are also his eyes, ears and mouth and when we see each other serving, hear each other singing and share encouragement with each other, we are then truly being the “community” God called His church to be.

The Challenge

So, I want to challenge you today with this thought. Let’s begin the practice of giving encouragement and praying (really praying) for each other. Over and over in scripture we read Paul’s letters to the churches and he was always praying for them. Often times Paul only had one face to face encounter with the cities he preached in, but prayer is what built the early church into a family of Christ we are a part of today. Prayer calls our minds to the unseen, perfect, all-knowing God and it unites us in mind and strength. So, what’s on your mind, your plate, your horizon that we can be praying for? Please share your thoughts and prayers below so that we can pray and build up our church family in love and in truth.